DORA Regulation: a revolution in Fintech’s rules

«The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) 
aims at deeply reviewing the principles of cybersecurity in the financial field to protect companies and organizations»

In force since January 2023, the regulation is part of a package of strategic measures for the fintech sector and aims to reinforce and harmonise in the community context the main requirements that financial companies and their suppliers are required to observe in the field of IT security.

The objective of  DORA is to strengthen fintech 
companies in the face of increasingly frequent cyber attacks (225 on a monthly average in 2022).

The regulation introduces a harmonized set of technical and organisational measures of cybersecurity. There are three fundamental principles: governance and internal organization, risk management, incident management and reporting.

In our white paper, you will learn about the context in which the regulation is being drafted and how your business can prepare for the requirements of DORA.

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